Air Pipe

Our range of 20 to 110mm outside diameter compressed air pipe and fittings is designed to offer a professional quality, easy to fit solution for compressed air pipework. Our simple push and twist fittings make it easy to create an air network around your workspace.

Our aluminium air pipe is lightweight but strong and rigid. The smooth bore internal profile provides better flow rates and improved efficiency when compared to other systems on the market.

We have a range of flange and screwed adapters to make our system compatible with any other compressed air pipe that may be on site.

Tube can be cut with a standard tube cutter and no threading is required saving time and expense on labour and tools.

While other systems adopt plastic fittings all of our fittings are brass or steel. For us this provides a unique selling point and we feel our product is the highest quality on the market.

Strong fittings, versatile system, quick to fit and reliable – air pipe

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