Looking for air pipe and fittings on a supply only basis? Our product range is ideal due to the ease of fitting and minimal tools required to install.

The best way to get a quotation is to speak to one of our technical staff while you are designing your system. We will be able to offer free impartial advice on getting the most out of your compressed air network. In the past we have been able to highlight factors that clients had missed saving time and money down the line.

Once you have a list of the components you require to complete the air installation we will be able to provide a competitive quotation to supply it direct to your door.

We keep £50,000-£80,000 worth of stock in the UK at any one time meaning if you are short of an elbow or a clip here or there we can get it to you overnight or even in extreme cases on a same day delivery.

In our opinion our products are of a higher standard than other manufacturers who sell the plastic fittings but our prices are still competitive with these products. That coupled with the fact we are not waiting for shipments from Europe means we can offer the best possible service to UK customers.

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